Webinar: A look into the world of NLP through real life examples

14. April 2021
  • Startzeit: 16:00
  • Location: Digital

In our exclusive English webinar of Neticle Media Intelligence we will be presenting how Neticle worked together with OTP Bank Albania to create the first social listening tool for the country. This has opened a door to a new world for other Albanian companies as well.

In the webinar we'll also show you how marketers can benefit from natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis. We’ll be talking about the importance of text analysis and social listening in a company’s life, including data-driven decision-making, better communication and a more advanced marketing strategy.

Join our exclusive session on 14/04 and discover how NLP and sentiment analysis can improve your business!

The event will be centred around the following topics:

• learning from customer feedback and turning insights into actions,

• which languages and geographical regions Neticle has in its current and future scope,

• language modelling, sentiment analysis, and the Albanian project itself


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